How to Make an Easy DIY Floral Mobile

How to make an easy DIY floral mobile

Learn how to make a DIY Floral Mobile to make your dreamy floral nursery complete. This was such a fun project that I did while I was pregnant. It took a little bit of time but it was 100% worth it! My daughter is now two and she absolutely loves it and will ask me to spin the flowers when I lay her down for a nap. Plus if you have a floral-themed nursery this is definitely something you should definitely consider doing.

Supplies You Will Need:

DIY Floral Mobile Supplies
  • A styrofoam wreath
  • Fake flowers (different sizes and colors)
  • A hot glue gun
  • Twine, string, rope, jute cord, ribbon (you can choose what you want. I found this jute cord at Walmart for 97 cents vs. the twine that they had at hobby lobby for $4.99 and I really only needed 1 of the jute cord packages. You don’t need that much).
  • Fishing line
  • Lace

I got everything from 3 different stores and spent about $40-50, but if you want to make your life easier Amazon has everything you need:

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Now let’s get to it. Here are the steps you can follow to make your own easy DIY floral mobile.

Step 1

Wrap the lace around the styrofoam wreath. On the first wrap around I used some hot glue to hold the lace in place, then continued to cover the whole wreath:

Step 2

Take the fishing line and tie it across the wreath. I did this 3 times and did a crisscross in the middle, creating 6 sections.

Tie fishing line across your Styrofoam wreath to create your floral mobile

Step 3

Add the jute cord or whatever you chose to create the hanging fixture for the floral mobile. I used 2 pieces of jute cord, tied one end of the cord to the wreath then tied the other end across from it. Then I tied the tops together so I can hang up the mobile. My floral mobile hangs down 23 inches. So the 2 strands of jute cord were about 50 inches each.

Tie the jute cord around the Styrofoam wreath for your cute and easy DIY floral mobile

Step 4

Take the flowers off of the stems.

I tried cutting them at first, but this didn’t work because some of the flowers have a wire in the stems. But the fake flowers pop off the stems quite easily. So I just recommend pulling the flowers off of the stems. I was able to cut some of the leaf parts, but on others I couldn’t. So just a good rule of thumb, if there’s a wire don’t try to prove how tough you are by trying to cut through the wire, it will ruin your scissors.

Then I separated them into groups of big flowers, small flowers, and leaves.

Start hot gluing the flowers to the wreath. It really helps if you glue the biggest ones on there first, then fill in the spaces with the smaller ones: 

Tips on Adding Flowers

Set the wreath on something that will elevate it off of your workspace. This will keep flowers from getting squished as the glue dries on other parts of the mobile, and you won’t be as likely to burn your fingers with the hot glue.

I just used what I had around me which was a tin of hot chocolate mix and a Cheez-It box. You can judge but it worked so well! This made it so easy to glue in the small flowers in the gaps and be able to cover the whole mobile without burning myself with the glue. It also kept the flowers from drying weirdly or getting bent. Having it propped up on something will also allow you to see what the finished product will look like as you’re gluing the flowers on.

Step 5

Create the floating flowers:

This was probably one of my favorite steps! And honestly, you can be so creative with this. You don’t have to do flowers, but I think it makes the DIY floral mobile absolutely breathtaking.

You get to decide how many strands of floating flowers you want. I only did 5 but totally could have done more and still had the mobile look great. Then you can measure out the strands or just do it as you go, I recommend having different lengths for variety.

My shortest strand = 9 inches
My longest strand = 20 inches

To create the floating flowers I used really small flowers, and when you pop them off the stems it will leave a hole in the center of the flower. So you will thread the fishing line through the center of the flower, then to secure the flowers you will fill the flower hole with hot glue. Let the glue sit for a few seconds to really set. If you start moving it around too much the flower could slip out of the glue.

After you’ve secured one flower on a strand you can add more a few inches down. I never did more than 3 flowers per strand, and I did at least one strand that was just a single flower. You get to be creative and do what looks best to you!

Here’s an example of one of the flowers I did. The fishing line is hard to see so I’ve added some arrows for clarification. The fishing line is going through the hole and I’ve filled the hole with glue:

Step 6

Take the fishing line strands that you just glued flowers to, and tie them to the fishing line that crisscrosses on the wreath.

I found the easiest way to tie the different strands in different sections was by hanging it on something so I could take a step back and see how the placement looked. I hung it from a drying rack and it worked great for tying different floating strands.

Tie the floating flower strands to the center of the floral mobile

Step 7

Hang it up in the nursery:

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This floral mobile has been a central design point of my floral-themed nursery, I hope you love it as much as I do! Be sure to share this post with your friends!


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