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Ad Analysis

This is an ad from Lululemon. In this post we are going to do some reverse engineering to expose the different design concepts they used to create this ad. You can find the original source for the ad here. There are a few different qualities that make this a cohesive piece. First and foremost there

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Effectively Combining Typography and Photography

In this post we will analyze how to effectivly combine typography and photography by reverse engineering this magazine spread. This spread is from Lukasz Aksamit, he is the Creative Director at Glamour Poland and Unpolished Magazine. You can view his work by clicking here. Lukasz has accomplished an aesthetic spread that pulls you in. The

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Reverse Engineering Commercial Ads

Breaking down a design is easily done when you take a step back and look at each individual piece of the design. There are a few main concepts of design that make this a visually appealing ad. Chili’s was promoting their free dessert special (you can click here to see where I found this ad

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