The Best Cash Back Apps

The best cash back apps to save you hundreds on your everyday shopping

Couponing has never been easier than it is today, the best cash back apps you’ll be able to find are hands down Ibotta and Honey. I have been using this app on and off for years and it’s saved me a few hundred dollars just by buying my normal groceries. This cash back app is easy to use and only takes a few seconds to save you some extra money.


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How does it work?

If you’re going shopping at Target you can scroll through the deals offered by Target and checkmark the ones you might want. Then you go shopping, then once you get home you can scan the receipt and earn money back on your groceries.

Even better some stores offer a loyalty program, my local grocery store does this, and I can link it automatically to my Ibotta account. So all I have to do is add my loyalty number to the app for that store. Then anytime I, or someone in my family, goes shopping there and buys an item I’ve marked for cash back I automatically earn money. There’s even a grace period of a couple of days so if I realize I didn’t mark something I bought within the last few days I can mark it and earn money back.

This is such an easy way to put some of your hard-earned money back into your pockets.

It’s easy to use:

In the video below you can see firsthand how to use Ibotta. You can search for a store or select a recommended one. Then you can browse through the different available offers, they also make it easy for you to choose different categories.

My favorite features:

You can earn cash back for more than just grocery shopping. You can earn cash back through Ibotta when you shop online at various stores like Carters, Nike, Amazon, Gap, and more! Here you can see screenshots I’ve taken of my Carter’s haul. I got 8% cash back just for buying clothes for my daughter through Ibotta.

You can also earn bonuses, and get giveaway entries to win a shopping spree:

Differen bonuses you can earn using the best cashback app Ibotta

Why wouldn’t you want to save some extra money just by using Ibotta?

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The second cash back app you should get is called Honey

When you’re shopping online Honey will search for available coupon codes and you’ll be able to get discounts on almost anything you shop for online. I have saved so much by using Honey. I’ve saved money on buying takeout, shoes, dresses, kid’s clothes, and more! Here you can see some of the stores that offer cash back through Honey, but my favorite thing about this app is you just download the chrome extension and as you’re doing your online shopping Honey will automatically find coupons and notify you of them.

Honey is an app that helps you find coupons to get cash back when you do online shopping.

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There really hasn’t been an easier time to do couponing and get cash back when you shop. These cash back apps will save you hundreds. They’re both easy to use and you don’t have to clip coupons and remember to take them to the store. It’s easy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of these cash back apps. Even if it’s just $50 dollars that you earn by using these apps, that’s $50 dollars you could put towards anything you (bills, or something to treat yourself!).

Additionally, when you sign up using my referral links not only will you get a bonus for signing up and using the apps, but I’ll get a small bonus as well. So we both win! Then you can share the love with your friends and invite them to save too!

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