January 2021

Let the Wildflowers Grow

How Will You Measure Your Life

This week’s lesson was on how will you measure your life. In the talk by Joseph B. Wirthlin, he talks about how the little things are important. Minutes are little things, and they certainly add up. He said, “Do you take the time to remember some of the simple courtesies that are so important in

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Ethics in Business

For a business to be successful it is essential for that business to have ethics that they follow and abide by. It is by having a mission statement or a code of conduct that will keep any business focused on what really matters and be able to continue to grow and be a success. The

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Easy fruit salad with cool whip, this recipe takes less than 20 minutes to make and it is perfect for a picky toddler.

Easy Fruit Salad with Cool Whip

Whether you’re making this salad for your family or a party this easy fruit salad with cool whip is sure to impress those you serve it to. It’s a very quick salad to put together which means if you’ve put off trying to figure out what to take to the potluck, don’t worry I got

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Don’t Give up on Your Childhood Dreams

Randy Pausch, the author of the Last Lecture, he had pancreatic cancer and just had a few months left to live. He talks about his childhood dreams and how he was able to achieve most of them. He explains his upbringing and for a dying man he has the greatest sense of humor and mindset

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Reverse Engineering Commercial Ads

Breaking down a design is easily done when you take a step back and look at each individual piece of the design. There are a few main concepts of design that make this a visually appealing ad. Chili’s was promoting their free dessert special (you can click here to see where I found this ad

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How to Make an Easy DIY Keepsake Ornament

It is so easy to make a DIY keepsake ornament. There are a few steps and a few secrets I’ll let you in on to make a timeless keepsake of your baby’s hospital hat and wristbands. I’ll be honest I about cried when I saw this idea because I just had her hat and wristbands

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