How to Make an Easy DIY Keepsake Ornament

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It is so easy to make a DIY keepsake ornament. There are a few steps and a few secrets I’ll let you in on to make a timeless keepsake of your baby’s hospital hat and wristbands.

I’ll be honest I about cried when I saw this idea because I just had her hat and wristbands her crib drawer. But now I get to pull them out once a year and hang them on our Christmas tree. I mean how special is that?! Then when my daughter grows up I can pass it onto her.

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So let’s get to it! Let’s make a super easy DIY keepsake for your tree.

Here’s what You’ll need for your DIY keepsake ornament:

Supplies you will need to make an easy DIY keepsake ornament
  • A plastic ornament
  • Fishing line
  • The keepsake you want to add (eg your baby’s hospital hat and bracelet)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Chopsticks (optional)
  • Tweezers (optional)

For the ornaments, you can find some at a craft store, or if you want the convenience of your supplies being delivered to your home here are my picks from Amazon.

Step 1:

Cut off about 12 inches of fishing line (you can trim it later). Then tie a knot in one end, I’m the kind of person who thinks it’s best to double knot any knot. After you’ve tied the knot poke the other end through the top of the baby hat. Then pull the string all the way through until the knot hits the top of the hat:

Step 2:

Put the hat in the plastic keepsake ornament.

Tip: Make sure you put the bottom of the hat in first so the top of the hat will be at the top of your ornament. Also, make sure you keep a hold of the string so it doesn’t fall in the ornament. If that happens it’s okay! That’s why having tweezers on hand is helpful. If you need to take anything out of the ornament the best way to do so is by using a pair of tweezers.

This is also optional but using chopsticks helps get the hat in the small opening of the plastic ornament. Then you can use the chopsticks to spread the hat out and position it how you want in the keepsake.

Step 3:

Make sure you keep a hold of the string or that it doesn’t slip in and slide the bracelet(s) in. This is another time where you can use the chopsticks or tweezers to position the bracelet(s) where you want. Gently shaking the ornament can also be effective to get the bracelets where you want them.

Then take the string and loop it around the top of the ornament, then tie it in a knot. (It’ll have to go under and through itself). If you’re like me, you can double or triple knot that sucker. 

The reason why you want to tie the string to the top is so it can hold up the hat otherwise your keepsake ornament will look like this:

The hat will just ball up in the ornament, but tying the string through the top of the hat and securing it makes the ornament look full, and it’s just prettier this way.

Step 4:

Then once you have tied the knot at the top you can trim off the access string. Then put the top of the ornament on, and tie a ribbon around it and add it to your Christmas tree.

The ribbon I used is ¼ of an inch wide and the length was 10 inches. 

And here is the complete project:

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