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I’m a mom with a unique set of skills. I’ve worked for a few hosting companies in tech support (briefly), I was a corporate website designer, and I’ve been an SEO account manager.

I love blogging and being a mom, life hasn’t turned out how I thought it would. I didn’t expect to have a baby and then get divorced. There’s so much I could say, but to water it down he was abusive, I wanted better for myself and for my daughter. Now me and my daughter are happier than ever and we’re building an amazing life.

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Starting a Business

Don’t Give up on Your Childhood Dreams

Randy Pausch, the author of the Last Lecture, he had pancreatic cancer and just had a few months left to live. He talks about his ...
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Design Tips

Reverse Engineering Commercial Ads

Breaking down a design is easily done when you take a step back and look at each individual piece of the design. There are a ...
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How to Make an Easy DIY Keepsake Ornament

It is so easy to make a DIY keepsake ornament. There are a few steps and a few secrets I’ll let you in on to ...
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Hey I'm Bre!

I’m a mom, a business owner, and a passionate blogger. Bringing you all things mom and baby life to business. Tips on starting a blog, marketing, design, and so on! 

Want to make a difference?

I sell farmhouse home decor to support victims of domestic violence.
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