February 2021

Let the Wildflowers Grow

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges are a natural part of life. We face challenges in our personal lives, in relationships, in owning a business or any other aspect tied to a career. There isn’t a single person who is exempt from facing trials and difficulties. It’s impossible to avoid going through challenges, but it is possible to overcome and

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7 Habits to Fill Your Life with Passion

Stephen R. Covey’s famous book 7 Habits for Highly Effective People is by far one of my favorite books. It’s been one of my favorites since I was a young girl. It is a book that will transform your life. In short, the 7 habits are: Be proactive Begin with the end in mind Put

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The Road to Success Includes the Art of Self-Mastery

Self-mastery is at the core of success. We cannot expect to simple acheive goals without hard work and dedication. Plato said, “The first and best victory is to conquer self; to be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile.” In order for us to be able to achieve dreams and

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Effectively Combining Typography and Photography

In this post we will analyze how to effectivly combine typography and photography by reverse engineering this magazine spread. This spread is from Lukasz Aksamit, he is the Creative Director at Glamour Poland and Unpolished Magazine. You can view his work by clicking here. Lukasz has accomplished an aesthetic spread that pulls you in. The

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I’m a mom, a business owner, and a passionate blogger. Bringing you all things mom and baby life to business. From starting a blog, marketing, design and so on! 

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