Overcoming Challenges

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Challenges are a natural part of life. We face challenges in our personal lives, in relationships, in owning a business or any other aspect tied to a career. There isn’t a single person who is exempt from facing trials and difficulties. It’s impossible to avoid going through challenges, but it is possible to overcome and improve your situation.

Jeffery R. Holland gave a talk called, “However long and hard the road,” where he points out, “Excellence does not come easily or quickly.” It is through persistence, faith, and grit that we will be able to walk the long and hard road. Not only walk the road but be able to come out of it successful. It isn’t easy to keep going when burdens seem overwhelming and impossible to overcome. But it is easy in the short term to give up but this causes more trials and difficulties in the long run.

He continues to encourage those who are going through difficult times to look ahead and have hope. Without hope life is difficult, life seems overwhelming and impossible. We cannot expect a bright future when we don’t have hope for one. It is through faith and persistence that we can overcome difficulties in our lives.

In this video The 5 Whys he explains how to face challenges and ultimately how to solve said challenges.

The video is specifically about getting to the core of issues in business. It’s asking why again and again until you find the root of the issue. Because if you don’t go past the surface of issues or challenges you won’t actually be able to solve the problem and come up with a solution to permanently fix it.

This theory has helped me tremendously in life and it will continue to be a powerful tool to be able to analyze a situation and understand what the real cause of tension is. This requires a deep analysis of problems. This can be uncomfortable for a lot of people especially when it comes to introspection. A lot of people don’t like taking that long hard look in the mirror to figure out why things are the way they are in their personal life, relationships, or at work.

I’ve seen many people struggle with challenges because they’re not willing to keep asking “Why?” Surface-level answers are not the root cause of challenges. To find the root cause of an issue it requires genuine curiosity and a willingness to accept what the problem is. It requires a thorough investigation and a continuance of asking “Why?”

Then once you discover the answer you have to be willing to take action. Some people don’t take action because it requires change and change can be very difficult or painful at times. But it’s essential to progress and growth. Change is essential to being able to overcome our challenges.


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