March 2021

Let the Wildflowers Grow

Creating Change Through Entrepreneurship

There’s no doubt that entrepreneurs can change the world. But in the article, “What’s a Business For?” written by Charles Handy he points out how greed, lying, and corruption can take a business down a very dangerous path. He explained the following: “Markets rely on rules and laws, but those rules and laws, in turn,

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Ad Analysis

This is an ad from Lululemon. In this post we are going to do some reverse engineering to expose the different design concepts they used to create this ad. You can find the original source for the ad here. There are a few different qualities that make this a cohesive piece. First and foremost there

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Gaining a Perspective on Money

Money is necessary for living. You have to have money to be able to put a roof over your head and food on the table. Money is required for most things these days. What’s important is how you view money. Stephen W. Gibson said, “The first thing we need to understand about money is that

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Effective Leadership

Leadership is a quality anyone can have but it takes work to be an effective leader. In the reading A Message to Garcia it states that the rarest skill is the ability to execute. “The ability to executeis more valuable thaneducation or talent,because it is far rarer.” It takes focus, self-discipline, and grit to be

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Hey I'm Bre!

I’m a mom, a business owner, and a passionate blogger. Bringing you all things mom and baby life to business. From starting a blog, marketing, design and so on! 

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I sell farmhouse home decor to support victims of domestic violence.
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